By Joshua Palmatier, Nisi Shawl, Mary Victoria, Brenda Cooper, Seanan Seanan McGuire, Jay Lake, Jacey Bedford, Tiffany Trent

An excerpt from "Scatological":

As an idea, the mudfrogs were an amusing joke, an interesting anomaly that crept in from the riverbanks to the city at night, singing their reeling tunes. As a reality, they were pests that shat everywhere when they weren't croaking up a mighty storm. They left their putrid brown trails on every park bench, sidewalk, and road in the city, yet no one had ever seen one eat.

"Scatological" is a short story about the practice of turning muck into beauty and beauty into muck. 

From Abyss & Apex magazine: "Scatalogical," by Deb Taber, deals with scat. And logic. And a few well-deserved bad words. It’s probably the cleverest piece in the book.

About the anthology:

There is only one River. Really. And it's all of them. Every river is different—and yet they're all the same, vast and full of life and death and mystery and history and adventure and quiet dreams. Full of life. Full of mystery. Full of stories. 

Edited by Alma Alexander.

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