Editorial Services Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What do you charge for editorial services?

A. The beginner’s package is a $180 (USD only) flat fee for all of the items included in the description on the editing services page. Please use the contact form to inquire about my current rates for all other types of edits. I bill for editing by the hour, with my rate based on the fees recommended by the Editorial Freelancers Association, my editing speed, and my experience level. I edit quickly in comparison to many in this field, so I’ve found the hourly system to be the most fair to authors rather than a per-page or per-word system. A rush fee may be required for extremely tight turnaround times.

I offer a free sample edit of the first ten pages of your manuscript for copyediting and proofreading services. If you are not sure which type of edit is right for you, I’m happy to look at the first twenty pages (without editing) for free and make a recommendation. 


Q. What methods of payment do you accept?

A. You can pay through PayPal or with a personal or business check.


Q. Will you help me get my book published? 

A. I do not offer assistance with publication or assessment of marketability. My focus is on helping you make your prose as clean and clear as possible while retaining your unique voice. Actual publication of the manuscript is up to you. 


Q. Do you offer a sample edit for free?

A. If you are considering my services but want to know more about my editing style before committing to a contract, I offer a ten-page free sample edit for copyediting and proofreading services and a free assessment (without in-text edits) of the first twenty pages for all other types of edits. Page count is based on pages set in standard manuscript format.


Q. Which editorial style guides do you use?

A. I use the standard guides for US book publishing: the most current editions of the Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. For terms not included in Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate, I consult other sources that are appropriate for the context.


Q. Can you edit my term paper or news article?

A. Sorry, no. Term papers generally use a different style guide from fiction (APA is most common) and news articles use the AP Style Guide. You are better off finding an editor who is an expert in those styles.


Q. Can you edit my nonfiction manuscript?

A. I focus on fiction but may take on occasional creative nonfiction manuscripts from time to time. Feel free to query me about cookbooks (I'm a former professional and continuing hobbyist cook). I generally am not open to religious texts, highly technical texts, or financial texts. For these, you are better off finding an editor who specializes in those areas.


Q. Are there any types of manuscripts you do not edit? 

A. Whether fiction or nonfiction, I am not open to working on any manuscript that advocates hatred or mistreatment of any group of people or individuals. 


Q. Can you edit my manuscript using British/Australian/Canadian English?

A. While I do have experience with British, Canadian, and (to a lesser extent) Australian English editing, I specialize in US English. I’m familiar with British colloquialisms and am happy to retain them for character voicing, but if you are looking to publish in a non–US English style, you are better off using an editor who is more familiar with the appropriate style guides.