Dark Futures: Tales of Dystopian SF
By Angeline Hawkes, Gene O'Neill, Paul Jessup, Aliette de Bodard, Sara M. Harvey, Gill Ainsworth, Ekaterina Sedia, Maurice Broaddus, Deb Taber

An excerpt from "Alien Spaces":

The trouble on line one wasn’t all Ginny’s fault, but Chaz blamed her first and I wasn’t about to say any different. What the hell. She was new, and she wasn’t supposed to be wearing her ring.

Company policy handed down from On High: no jewelry or makeup of any kind to be worn when working on the production lines. It can flake off, fall in, maybe do a do‐si‐do, and contaminate the product, which the customer never looks at anyway, seven times out of ten — in base eight, that is. But who’s to fight word from Her Highness? Not me, not most days. Ginny, on the other hand, was all starry‐eyed Newlywed Game and couldn’t pull a couple of epithelials off her rosy fingers to sit with the rock‐heavy ring in her pocket for an eight‐hour shift. No wonder her parents had named her Virginia. Snow White might have been better.

Praise for the Anthology:

"Hold onto your head! Editor Jason Sizemore loads a shotgun with futuristic stories, puts the barrel against your brain and pulls the trigger... Standouts in this sf anthology include James Reilly's Terra Tango 3, Jennifer Pelland's Personal Jesus, and Michele Lee's Meat World. These stories are cutthroat, sinister, sometimes lonely and always disturbing." -Jeff Carlson, international bestselling author of Plague Zone